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Disability/Environmental Adaptation

  • Hearing Impaired
  • Loud Areas: Machine Shops, Ware-Houses, Recreation Rooms, etc.
  • Quiet Areas: Teleconference Rooms, Libraries, Headphone usage at employee's desk, etc.
Connects to your telephone and existing floor/desk lamps! Ring-A-Lite flashes the light even when the light is turned off.

$34.95 + Shipping/Handling $4.50

Ring-A Lite is a trademark of Tellus Business Services LLC

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 Reed tester

Once an Operator loads the Reed, a single switch initiates the test sequence which is controlled by a precise and repeatable time base controller. This controller monitors each measurement and displays it when it is completed. Each parameter measured is displayed on individual crystal displays

Reed Tester
Test your Reed Switches Automatically

Model 301 has a fixture that accommodates 1 Form A Reed Switch. Ranges are:
Parameters: Range: Accuracy:
Pick Ampere Turns 1 to 100 A-T +/- 2 A-T
Drop Ampere Turns 1 to 100 A-T +/- A-T
Contact Resistance 0.001 to 1.999 2% +/- 2 mOhms
Coil Stimulus 0 to 20 mA at 1000 Ohms
Resistance Stimulus 100 mA
and normalized to the best units for the parameter. Error displays are used to indicate common failure modes. Also, a repetitive mode is available for continuous exercise of the switch.

The Reed Tester is easy to operate and new models can be designed to meet all of your needs. Standard Models start at $3500.

Models are also available for testing relays and exercising relays.

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